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This section is for helpful information for our neighbourhood to create a safe and welcoming community.
November 10th 2016 - 
A warning from someone on Princess Margaret letting us know that this person has been breaking into homes CLICK HERE FOR PICTURE
May 26th 2016 - I wanted to let you know that we had some theft on our property overnight.  We live on Twyford at Aylesbury.  We had a bike stolen, and some gardening tools…including the spray nozzle attachment on our garden hose!  When they pulled the attachment off the hose, the water was allowed to run freely, and filled a window well, with some water coming into the house!  This happened sometime between midnight and 5:30am.  A reminder to everyone to keep your house, garage and outbuildings locked!
April 15th - A neighbour was robbed at the metro by Kipling and Eglinton by three young men despite the fact that the parking lot was full.  Please be careful.
May 28th 2014 Neighbourhood Watch Meeting Details - Please Click Here For Details
Please click HERE to view the Summary of the Neighbourhood Watch meeting that took place on November 6th 2012.
Please click HERE to view 'Neighbourhood Watch Package for Houses'
Please click HERE to view 'Neighbourhood Watch on Your Street'
Please click HERE  to view 'Neighbourhood Watch Important First Meeting Notes'
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