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Thorncrest Infrastructure Update
Posted on Jun 14th, 2020

Hello Thorncrest Members,
Varsha had sent a number of questions to Councillor Holyday in response to the previous sewer and construction update that was provided.  The questions are provided below in bold.  The response is quite lengthy so in an effort to keep this email shorter, please click the link below to view all the answers from the city.  Both the questions and answers are also provided in the 'News' section of our website.
1- The green infrastructure upgrade is part of a larger upgrade that is slotted to start in 2022-23.  We had petitioned for a re-analysis of water drainage infrastructure and a fairly extensive re-analysis was undertaken for which we received a report from the city.  The cost of the required changes was beyond the budget allocated by the city and you had passed a motion at city council asking for additional funding to be found.  Does this plan take into account the proposed changes in the re-analysis or is the scheduled work based on the older analysis?  Please clarify, as we had not received any communication about additional funds to complete the necessary infrastructure improvements.
-At a city meeting I attended, I had relayed the concerns residents have about the green infrastructure.  The main concern is that it is not the required solution but a 'temporary' solution to help with ground water drainage.  I had asked for city officials to meet with members of the community to clarify the proposed plans.  Can this happen via a virtual meeting given the Covid pandemic? 
-Here are specific questions I have received for green infrastructure:  What is the evidence for green infrastructure?  
-Where has it been implemented successfully?  
-How cost effective is this solution?  
-How effective is green infrastructure in water drainage? 
-How will it change the aesthetic of my property and the village as a whole?  
-Who is responsible to maintain the green infrastructure?  If it is the city, will there be a sufficient budget to allow for proper maintenance?  There are already green spaces in our neighbourhood that are to be maintained by the city that are not in good shape.  Will new green infrastructure add to this challenge?  
-Can homeowners opt out of green infrastructure?
-The proposal sent out states that work will start pending budget approval.  What is the budget for this project? Is this in-line to complete the extensive work required as per the report we received?
-Given the ongoing pandemic, what is the likelihood of infrastructure upgrades commencing as scheduled.  If work will commence, which projects will be priortized?