Become A Member

Map and application form located at the bottom of this page.


Resident Member: To become a resident voting member of Thorncrest you must live within the boundaries of the village.  The map attached at the bottom of this page outlines all the houses in the village. Included in this category are Senior Members which are resident members 65+ years of age who have been members for 15+ consecutive years. Resident and Senior members are the only members who have voting rights.
Alumni Member: A resident member who moved out of the village may remain a member by obtaining an alumni member. Children of resident members and former resident members may also retain their membership through an alumni membership.
Annual Member: This category of membership requires a sponsor from a resident member. There are no boundaries for this category. In order to be placed on the waiting list, the sponsoring resident member must contact the office and provide contact information for the family they wish to sponsor.



THA has been in place for over 70 years and has developed many strong relationships that we continue to leverage in our attempts to preserve the uniqueness of this community.  Your membership affords you the opportunity to make your opinions known and be supported on local issues.  Members vote at the AGM for directors who meet frequently with planners, councilors and other staff at City Hall to voice your concerns about traffic, planning decisions, heritage and public safety. 



THA can only do its job if local residents purchase memberships.  In turn this allows the Board to hire professional assistance to support local concerns such as appealing zoning decisions or improving the gardens and common areas around the neighbourhood. 


Here are just some of our member benefits:

  • Voting Privileges - Members in good standing are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting. Members are also invited to attend community meetings.
  • Email Alerts - As a member you will receive notifications of upcoming events and neighbourhood safety updates.  
  • Membership Savings - Members in good standing receive discounts on community events, as well as camp and sport class registrations.  Because of the popularity of THA Club facilities, some programs, activities, or sports may have a waiting list.
  • Advance Notice of all Special Events - As a member you will receive advance notice of our events prior to public notification.
  • Neighbourhood Networking - THA hosts events where you can connect with other homeowners in our community. An opportunity to get to know your neighbours, share ideas and stories, and make new friends. 
  • Swimming Pool - Our salt water private swimming pool is always a huge attraction. We have adult swim times for those who like peace and quite as well as general swim time for all ages.
  • Tennis Courts - The tennis courts are available from spring to fall for our members to enjoy.
  • Private Parties - Members can rent our beautiful facility for private functions. Anything from children's birthday parties to weddings.
  • Summer Programs - We have kids summer programs at the clubhouse such as swimming and tennis lessons as well as a full day sports camp.

To apply for a membership please fill out a Membership Application Form.

Only houses within the highlighted area below are located in the village.